Mr Skin, the celeb lover’s paradise

What is your favorite kind of female celebrities? You may be thinking blonde or brunette, skinny or large, busty or not, but let’s face it. These are all legitimate choices and you sure may have personal preference in that area. But the naked truth is that (pun intended) we’re all after nude female celebs and that’s the end of it. We all love it when red carpet celebrities, these sexy goddesses somewhere from far above show a bit of skin – or, better still, a great deal of skin. The good news is that nude appearances in movies or TV shows are not uncommon. Once in a while a sexy, lusted after female celebrity reveals her goodies to the world, and if only there was some way to keep track of these things. So many celebs out there, you know? Oh wait, there is a way. Of course there is, after all, I’m here today to tell you all about Mr Skin, the standard-setting site in the world of female celebrity nudity (full frontal included, and much more).

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Seriously, there are so many sites out there saying they care for the needs of us nude celebrity fans. I’ve been there, I’ve checked some of them out. A few dozen bucks and days of browsing later, I’m of the opinion Mr Skin is the best you and me can get. I know that right now to you it probably sounds just like one more load of marketing crap. But here’s the thing. Mr Skin has a database of episodes involving nudity with over 20,000 female performers baring it in various films and shows. That’s a lot, and it comes wrapped into a pretty damn good package; the site is extremely well-built and user-friendly. I’ve been a member for months now and let me just take a couple minutes of your time to make my point and show you what Mr Skin is all about.

Is this for real?

Let me start with this. It’s totally for real. There are hundreds of sites out there that are flashy and loud and all, saying hey dude we got all these celebs naked for you. Not only most of them just don’t cut it offering access to nothing more than a bunch of lousy videos older than dinosaur shit. On top of that, many sites are just out there to charge you, mess with your credit card and flood your screen and mailbox with a dozen types of spam crap. Other sites got fakes which even a five year old won’t believe.

Mr Skin provides a very enjoyable difference here. Not only it’s a completely legit site with thousands of happy members, a superior-looking member area and plenty of handpicked content. No, sir. It’s also a site recognized by the media world itself. It gets mentioned on TV and in magazines for men on a regular basis. You think a crappy site would get that? No way.

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Tons of nude female celebrity pics and videos

mrskin Mr Skin ReviewI’m so excited to be able to tell you how cool Mr Skin is I’m a having a hard time thinking about what I should mention next, lol. Let’s start with this. I just realized Mr Skin can be kinda like IMDB for you, but with female celebs only, and all of then partially or fully nude! What I mean here is that site offers the fullest coverage of what’s going in the movie and TV world with its insanely large library of nude celeb videos and pics. There’s a page for every actress, and as soon as a title with her comes out, it gets featured inside Mr Skin right away. It’s really like fast forwarding to the good parts straight away. Other sites may be stuck in the dark ages; Mr Skin keeps track on what’s fresh these days, and if there’s a boob or a bush in there, be sure you’ll be able to see it in fullest possible glory.

Are you a numbers kind of guy? How about this, Mr Skin currently has around 20 thousand actresses featured, and there are plenty of images and videos for each and every of them. If that’s not huge, I don’t know what it. The names? Feels like all of them. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Mendes, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, Kirsten Dunts, Beyoncé Knowles, we could really go on forever. Starlets and established stars, they’re all here. In the Celebrities section of the member area (one of many, really) you can search for a celebrity you fancy, and this search thing may even crack you up. You can search for celebs with a bit of nudity or showing it all, you can enable the ‘has shown bush’ option, and you can choose, among other things, your preferred breast site, ethnicity or build. If you ask me, with content count this high, you simply gotta be able to search through this pile. And searching Mr Skin is just too much fun.

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There’s one thing I should make clear though. Mr Skin is all about the skin all the fine celebrity hotties show because they want you to see it. Stolen sex tapes, Mr Skin does not deal with this kind of stuff. It’s a nice way to do things, I feel. Let’s not be assholes and make the assholes who steal things from people feel good about themselves. Even without the sex tapes, there are so many things to see. Trust me, I love discovering a nudity clip from a movie I didn’t even know about with a female celeb I’m into (like Keira Knightley or Scarlett Johansson, I’m really into them). Mr Skin is so comprehensive you’ll have discoveries like this every day, guaranteed.

Superior quality naked celebs pictures, HD included

Another thing from the huge list of things I enjoy about being a Mr Skin member is that the guys dish out their stuff in really fine quality. If you are thinking about the two magical letters, I mean HD, yes, the latest videos come in high definition. Just so you know, latest means published during the last 4-5 years or so. It’s a really huge chunk of material, and it’s also good to know the site’s quality only goes up with time.

For a video, you can choose between high, low and HD quality (if the latter is applicable). The videos pop up in a little separate window with all the controls and info that you may need. The pictures also come in these neat little popups, and with them, you can go for the full size version via a special link, if the original image is too big – and most of them are!

Mr Skin’s content has watermarks, and even though this is never a bummer just because this very unnoticeable logo is in the top right corner, I still feel I kinda should mention it. Feels totally legit though. The guys are putting tremendous effort into their site so let them watermark it in this very unannoying manner if they have to.

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Mr Skin updates

When Mr Skin mentions it, it means it. Daily updates mean daily updates here. That’s right, every single damn day! With up to a dozen new videos and tens of pictures added every day (and it’s been like that for years), Mr Skin is a site which will never get boring, old or uninteresting. There is a special section for updates, and they’re also available on the main page. Both ways, they’re really well organized, with movie names, dates, celeb names, ratings and all sorts of other details.

User experience

I’m a bit lost here again. It feels like if I wanted to list all the features of Mr Skin’s member area which I find worth mentioning I would need to publish a big ass heavy book on the subject. Putting it short, the site is loaded with goodies and features, and the navigation is always super user friendly. Well, with so much content, you pretty much have to organize it neatly.

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A feature I am in love with forever is Playlists. These are selections of videos from their archive which cover a certain topic, like lesbian love, or handcuffs, or sexy sunbathing, or bottomless scenes (meaning with no pants on, of course), or scenes with flowers etc etc etc. Made by the Mr Skin’s editorial team on a regular basis, these are an epic way to see all the great content which falls under a certain theme. Playlists ftw!

Like I said, Mr Skin is almost your IMDB replacement with a mammoth-sized database of actors and titles, detailed info on each and nude celebrity videos and pictures sorted accordingly. The guys obviously spend a lot of time keeping their database of movies, TV shows and actresses up to date.

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What I mean is that Mr Skin has a member area with a real nice look and feel, and it lets you make your way through site’s endless goodies easily. By far this is probably the coolest user experience I’ve ever had with an adult-oriented website.

Oh, and when it comes to getting an account and all, of course Mr Skin is a fully legit and secure site which bills you discreetly and safely, and nobody who has access to your statement will ever know you’re part of the world’s coolest nude celeb site and community. How great is that?

Mr Skin extras and bonuses

Different people may feel different about all sorts of extras and bonuses offered within a site. Me personally, I’m not crazy about these things, although I did get a few really good deals while casually going through the specials. Mr Skin adds value to your membership (as if there wasn’t enough value already!) offering discounted access to a bunch of other adult sites with a lot of things covered, from coeds to pornstars and from amateur teens to reality porn. It’s probably a good idea to check with this section once in a while for new specials.

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There is also a service called Mr Skin’s Cams which offers live sex chat with real life girls from next door. Not that much of a nude celebrity thing, but perhaps you’ll find a girl in there who looks like your favorite celeb, and then some steamy chatting will ensue.

Mr Skin’s VOD is yet another extra here. It’s a video on demand service where you can preview clips from tons of adult DVDs and buy only the ones you really like. All done with Mr Skin’s meticulous approach to user satisfaction, of course.

Is it worth it?

Mr Skin is pretty much an entire universe where you the nude female celeb fan are king. The site offers very reasonably priced options starting from as low as 8 bucks a month with a yearly plan. If you don’t feel like going for the 1-year plan right away, there’s a ridiculously affordable trial membership which really lets you get the taste of the whole thing – go for the full experience when you’re ready. In fact, why don’t you check out our in-depth review of the Mr Skin’s member area? Thus you’ll feel at home when you’re inside at last.

So, is it worth it? It totally is. Mr Skin is not only thousands of high quality nude celeb videos and photos, it’s a world of its own, with fans of celeb nudity just like you behind it. Whenever I log in, I feel really pampered, you know. They work real hard, not just adding new nude celebrity scenes, but making their own videos and playlists, creating their own award shows and such, updating their blog and movie database, trying real hard to be that ultimate nude celebrity site. If you ask me, they’re damn good at it.

In a nutshell, Mr Skin is a killer deal with around 20 thousand actresses and tens of thousands of no-fake nude celeb videos and pictures and loads of original features and custom content on top of that. 20 bucks or even much less for all this awesomeness, with guaranteed quality, no download limits, no scams and no viruses or spam EVER? Seriously? I feel like the guys are giving it all away, so hurry up before the gift season ends!

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